STEP 1 Reservation

  • Please fill in the form with your expected vehicle, date, time and other requests.
  • We will send you a thorough quotation after we received your form.
  • We will send you the payment request when all the reservation details and price are confirmed.
  • We will send the payment request to your email.
  • Please agree all the lending terms before you make the reservation
  • After the payment is confirmed, the reservation is done. Also please check your email for reservation confirmation.

* Please contact us once before your departure date.
03 6417 0771 (reception hours:10:00〜18:00)

STEP 2 Payment Reservation comfirmed

  • Bank transfer and credit card (VISA, MASTER, AMEX) are available for deposit.

* Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged from 10 days before the boarding date after the reservation is confirmed.

  • Up to 10 days prior to the date of use: 10% of the total amount used
  • Up to 9 days prior to the date of use: 20% of the total amount used
  • Up to 7-2 days prior to the date of use: 50% of the total amount used
  • The day before the date of use: 80% of the total amount of use
  • On the day of use: 100% of the total amount of use

STEP 3 Camper rental

Please come to the Meguro Office on your departure date.

  • Please remember to bring your license. We will need all the drivers’ license and will make copies.
  • You will need to fill in some information and also sign the contract before your departure.
  • After that, we will check the camper together to see if there is any scratches.
  • We will explain to you how to use the facilities and some other important points.

STEP 4 Return of the Camper

  • Please return the camper with full gasoline and we will ask for the receipt.
  • If you return the camper without full gasoline, we will ask you to pay for the shortage. Also there will be 2,000 yen sevice charge.
  • We will check if there is any new scratches, the fuel etc during the return. Also we will calculate the extension fee, gasoline fee and cleaning fee (if any) and request payment as well.


Prohibited items

  • All our campers are smoking-prohibited.
  • Please do not cook something with strong smell or lots of smoke in the camper.

In the case of return time change

  • Please return the camper during our business hours (9am to 7pm). There will be extra fee for returning after business hours. Please feel free to contact us.
  • If you want to change the return time or if there is any delay of returning, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • The insurance and the compensation are not applicable if you extend your reservation without our permission.

The fuel is Petrol

  • All campers are using Petrol.
  • If you put diesel in by mistake, please do not start the engine and contact us immediately. Also please clean the fuel tank.
  • Even if you have joined the CDW, you have to pay the full amount of engine repairs, cleaning or other repair fees (if any) if you put in the wrong fuel. (CDW does not include all the above cost)

Parking violation

Campers are easy to park on the street because of the ease of “just a little bit”. Parking violations can cause accidents and traffic jams. Parking violations are the responsibility of the driver. Be sure to park in the parking lot.

  • Please appear with the police listed on the confirmation mark.
  • Please pay the prescribed procedures and the amount of foul money.
  • Please handle all the violations before you return the camper.

* Please note that if you do not present a “Traffic Foul Notice” and “Payment Form/ Receipt, etc.” (if you cannot confirm the payment of the anti-payment), you will be charged a 30,000 yen charge stipulated by the Company. If you pay the foul payment at a later date and present the “Traffic Foul Notice” and “Payment Form/ Receipt, etc.”, the cancellation fee will be refunded. (Refund transfer fee will be borne by the customer) ※ If you do not handle the violation processing and payment of parking violation fee, we will report it to the police and refuse to rent a car in the future.