Q Can I also rent an ETC card?

If you do not have an ETC card, you can rent one.
A deposit of 30,000 JPY is required to rent the card.
Breakdown:3,000 JPY ETC card rental fee and highway charges if used.
After use, the deposit will be refunded minus the highway charges and the ETC card rental fee.

*ETC card: IC card for paying tolls on toll roads with a credit card.

Q Can I wait for cancellation?

Yes. Please feel free to contact us as we will contact you as soon as the desired car becomes available.

Q Can I drive with an ordinary driver’s license?

Yes. You can drive with an ordinary license. All cars are AT cars, so you can drive even if you are limited to AT.

Q Can beginners rent?

No. Only those who have been licensed for 3 years or more can rent it (those with a green license cannot rent).

Q Can foreigners rent it?

Rental is possible only if the person meets all of the following conditions.

  • Those who have a Japanese driver’s license, or a domestic driver’s license and an international driver’s license (within the expiration date)
  • Those who have a credit card
  • Those who understand and understand the precautions, rental agreements, and rental contracts on this website.

* If we determine that rental is difficult due to reasons other than the above, we will refuse rental even after making a reservation.

Q Any smoking car available?

We are sorry that all our rental vehicle is smoking-prohibited. There will be 30,000 yen penalty for cleaning if smoking is confirmed.

Q Can we cook inside the vehical?

No, please do not cook inside the car. Besides, please refrain from cooking with strong smell or smoke.

Q Are there snow tires provided?

It depends on the vehicle type, please inquire our staff before reservation.

Q Are pets available?

Please inquiry for more details.

Q Any cancellation fee?

Yes. there will be cancellation fee since 10 days before your departure date, please refer to the cancellation fee part for more information.

Q Will there be extra fee for insurance coverage?

The price already included the insurance coverage. However there will be extra cost if you want to join the CDW. Please refer here for further information.

Q What is Collison Damage Waiver (CDW)?

Please refer here for more information.

Q Do i have to burden the cost when there is an accident?

If accidents happened, here are the costs you have to burden.

1)Amount of insurance compensation
2)Damages exceeding the guaranteed amount of insurance and damages if insurance is not paid.
3)Non-operation charge
* If you have joined the CDW, 1)will be exempted.

Q What should I do if accidents happened?

If there is any accident or the car broke down, please follow the following rules.

1)Injuries are the top priority and park the car at a safe place.
2)Contact the police and ambulance.
3)Confirm the other drivers’ name, contact, license information, number plate and the insurance company.
4)Contact the insurance company. Accident report center 0120-416-854
5)Contact us. 03-6417-0771(Reception hours 10:00〜18:00)Please contact us next day besides the reception hours

*Please do not carry out any settlement while there is an accident
*If you neglect these, you cannot receive insurance coverage. Please proceed to get a traffic accident certificate if you have reported to the police.
*It will be treated as accidents even though there was no injuries or regardless of the degress of damages.
*The rental contract will be terminated immediately when there is an accident and please return the camper as soon as possible. Please be noted that there will be no refund.