Prohibited Actions

  • Smoking inside the vehicle is prohibited (all vehicles are non-smoking).
  • Cooking inside the vehicle that produces smells or smoke is not allowed.

In cases where smoking inside the vehicle is discovered

A damage charge will be applied if smoking occurs inside the vehicle.

  1. Non-Operation Charge for Vehicles Capable of Self-Propulsion
  2. Equivalent to the interior cleaning costs.
  3. In addition to (1) and (2), actual costs will be charged separately if the smell of tobacco cannot be removed after deodorization or if seat replacement is necessary due to burns.

*This applies if tobacco butts, ashes, or smells are confirmed to be left inside the vehicle.

In Case of Return Time Changes

  • Please return the vehicle during business hours (9 AM to 7 PM). Returns outside business hours will, in principle, incur additional charges, but please let us know your requirements.
  • If you need to change your scheduled return time or cannot make it on time, please contact the rental store directly.
  • Please be aware that insurance and compensation schemes will not apply if the rental period is extended without notice.

The fuel for all vehicles is “Gasoline.”

All vehicles use “Gasoline,” so please make sure not to mistake it.

  • Please ensure not to fill up with the wrong type of fuel. In the event that diesel is accidentally used, do not start the engine and immediately contact us for fuel tank cleaning.
  • The cost of engine damage, cleaning, and repair due to using the wrong type of fuel will be entirely the responsibility of the customer, regardless of subscription to the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) policy.

In Case of Parking Violations

Campervans are often parked on the street due to a careless “just for a bit” attitude. Parking violations can cause accidents and traffic congestion. Parking violations are the driver’s responsibility. Always park in a parking lot.

  • Please appear at the police station indicated on the confirmation seal.
  • Complete the necessary procedures and pay any fines.
  • Please return the rental car after handling the violation.

* If you cannot present the “Traffic Violation Notification” or “Payment Receipt” (if the payment of the fine cannot be confirmed), you will be required to pay a penalty fee of 30,000 yen set by our company. If the fine is paid later, and the “Traffic Violation Notification” and “Payment Receipt” are presented, the penalty fee will be refunded (the refund transfer fee will be borne by the customer).
* If neither the violation processing nor the payment of the parking violation fine is addressed, we will report to the police and may refuse future car rental services.

Regarding the use of the sink during the winter season

During the winter period (December to the end of March),there is a risk of freezing, so the use of the sink is, in principle, not allowed.