W01|ハイエースワゴン Road Trip with 3rd Place Camper 全方位リゾートビュー 荷物を詰め込んだら、誰にも邪魔されない場所へロードトリップ。


I’m worried about driving a large camper van,
but I want to travel in a camper van.

We have light campers and van conversions that are easy to drive even for such women and camping beginners.

Even if it is light, it is possible to sleep 4 people for 4 people! Excellent sense of release with a pop-up roof! A living space that does not seem to be a mini vehicle.

It is a model that can charge the sub battery even while stopping as well as driving charging. Equipped with a large-capacity inverter and sub-battery, you can enjoy the comfortable outdoors because you can use home appliances with peace of mind for long-term use, such as wording and family vacations.

Mobile small offices

With the increase of work from home, we will provide pocket wifi for our guests that you can work wherever you want! Like a movable small office.

Camper rental

All direction resort view.

Road Trip with 3rd Place Camper.
If you put all the luggage well, you can enjoy a very pleasant road-trip.
You can explore more places and go on a vacations here in Japan.
Find out your 3rd Place.