Camper EVERY Black



It is a light camper equipped with equipment even in a compact.

Standard Equipment
Car Navigation / ETC on-board unit / Backup monitor / Driving charging system / Sub-battery (55A) / 40W solar panel / 2000W inverter / 100V external input/output outlet / 12V socket / Detachable center table / Overhead cabinet / Snack table / Sleeping mat & mini cushion / Pop-up roof / Sub-battery voltage meter / Water supply and drainage tank set (with butterfly sink) / Battery charger / FF heater / Side awning (FIAMMA 2.5m) / Underfloor storage / Curtains / Battery remaining capacity meter with over-discharge prevention / Microwave / Retractable galley / Drive recorder / TV

Precautions when driving

Campers are often equipped, so in addition to the usual pre-operation inspections, check the following:

  • Did you unplug the rear external 100V plug and store it?
  • Did you store and lock each storage?
  • Did you store and lock each storage?
  • Did the side arunning be stored?

* Campers have a higher center of gravity than general passenger cars, so rolling (sideways shaking) and pitching (vertical shaking) during driving are larger. In addition, since it is susceptible to the influence of the lateral wind, please be especially careful when driving at high speed and keep safe driving in mind.