HIACE Exclusive

Van Conversion

Camper HIACE Exclusive

Rear seat full flat possible, family type camper.

Camper HIACE Black
Camper HIACE Black

Air conditioning

Camper HIACE Black

Refrigerator and Microwave

Camper HIACE Black

FF Heater

Camper HIACE Black

Multifunction Battery Monitor

Camper HIACE Black

Switch Panel

  • Capacity: 7 passengers (sleeps 4) / Optimal number of people: 2 adults, 2 children
  • License: Regular license acceptable
  • Drive system: 4WD/AT
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

Standard Equipment
ETC on-board unit / 9-inch car navigation / drive recorder / pop-up roof / pure domestic handmade furniture (solid top) / second seat REVO1400 (FWS type molding) / lithium-ion sub-battery 510Ah (170Ah✕3) / external power system + sub-battery charger (50A) / 10-liter tanks✕2 / 310W solar panel + charging system (20A) / detachable center table (850✕350) / driving charging system (60A) / double insulation construction & floor insulation construction / 2000W inverter (sine wave) / insulated window film (slide door, back door) / AC100V outlets✕2 (left furniture, behind passenger seat) / IR cut film (driver/passenger seat) / 12V cigarette socket / original leaf spring for anti-bounce measures / 4-gang switch panel / blackout curtains on four sides / dimmable LED interior lighting / underfloor storage / upper second seat map LED lighting✕2, back door LED lighting✕2 / puncture repair kit / microwave / FRP sink / domestic cooler / Webasto 49L side-opening refrigerator / USB ports✕2 / FF heater (Eberspächer) / Calmflex soundproofing material / sub-battery remaining battery level meter / Ulvehicle rear additional stabilizer / D-pillar speakers / rear quarter panels (both sides) / main-sub switch / step LEDs (both sides) / footlight.

Precautions when driving
Campers are often equipped, so in addition to the usual pre-operation inspections, check the following:

  • Did you store and lock each storage?
  • Did you secure the package?
  • Did the side arunning be stored?

* Campers have a higher center of gravity than general passenger cars, so rolling (sideways shaking) and pitching (vertical shaking) during driving are larger. In addition, since it is susceptible to the influence of the lateral wind, please be especially careful when driving at high speed and keep safe driving in mind.