Comprehensive Automobile Insurance

Our insurance is enrolled in comprehensive auto insurance.

Personal Injury Compensation
Unlimited per person (including the amount provided by auto liability insurance)
Property Damage
Unlimited per accident
Passenger Insurance
30 million yen per person
Vehicle Guarantee
Current vehicle value (with a deductible of 100,000 yen)

*The insurance premium is included in the basic fee.

Peace of Mind Package (Deductible Compensation System/CDW)

If you enroll in the Vehicle and Property Damage Deductible Compensation System (CDW), the deductible for accidents covered by insurance will be waived. Enrollment is optional, but we recommend it as the cost of repairing a camper can be significant, and it’s better to be prepared for any accidents.

Peace of Mind Package (CDW)
2,750 yen (tax included) per day

*A non-operation charge will be applied separately.

Road service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Responding to accident communication

Accident Reception Center

Depending on the content of the accident that the customer is negligent, such as battery up, puncture (spare tire replacement), locking, gas exhaustion, etc., the cost of using the load service and the cost of repair and replacement will be charged.

If an accident occurs

Move to a safe place and turn off the engine, prioritize life first.

If there are any people who are ed, ask for a rescue ambulance.

Move the accident vehicle to a safe place to prevent a subsequent accident.

Contact the police (if you do not report to the police, you will not be covered by compensation.)

The other party of the accident, confirmation of the witness.

Contact the Accident Response Center 0120-416-652

Contact sales office 03-6417-0771 (reception hours 10:00-18:00) Contact the sales office the next morning outside business hours

About the burden of the customer in the event of an accident

Non-operational charge
In some cases
Actual expenses not covered by forwarding expenses and insurance

About non-operation charge

In the event of an accident, theft, breakdown, or damage not caused by our responsibility, which necessitates vehicle repair or cleaning, you will be charged for a part of the business compensation during that period, regardless of the extent of damage or duration of repair, even if it’s not due to customer’s fault.

For minor scratches not affecting driving (approximately within 5cm)
20,000 yen per occurrence
If the vehicle is self-driven and returned to the scheduled return location (and the repair period is within 1 month)
100,000 yen
If the vehicle is self-driven and returned to the scheduled return location (and the repair period is over 1 month)
200,000 yen
If the vehicle is not self-driven and not returned to the scheduled return location
300,000 yen

In the event of damage to equipment, etc., you will be responsible for the equivalent cost of repair.

Beware of vandalism on the car

If there is a notification to the police, the compensation system will be applied.
Please note that theft is not covered by compensation and we cannot compensate you at all.

About the loss of the key

We do not provide travel services or road rescue services for Spearkey.
In case of loss, you will be asked to come to the sales office to get the key yourself.
In addition, a separate key loss fee will be incurred.

Please be aware that even if you have subscribed to the Peace of Mind Package (Deductible Compensation System/CDW), it does not cover everything.

Repair costs and damages will be the responsibility of the customer.

If an accident is not reported to the police,
Damages that exceed the coverage amount,
Cases that fall under the deductible provisions of the insurance policy,

Such as damage to tires due to punctures or bursts,
Loss of wheel caps,
Intentional accidents,
Or when it becomes clear that the reason for damage is a violation of the rental agreement,

Such as driving under the influence,
Reckless driving,
Drug use,
Unauthorized extension of rental period,
Driving by an unauthorized driver not approved by our company,
Or subletting,
Or when there has been a managerial oversight,

Damage to in-vehicle equipment,
Theft due to unlocked doors,
Hit-and-run in no-parking zones,
And other nuisance behaviors,
Fueling errors due to self-service,
Loss of keys,
Smoking inside the vehicle (including electronic and heated tobacco products)

There are cases that are not covered by the insurance company’s policy. In such cases, the full amount will be the responsibility of the contract holder.

When insurance does not pay

No police report has been filed regardless of the size of the accident

  • No contact is made to the Company regardless of the size of the accident
  • In case of violation of the policy terms and conditions

Violation of laws and regulations such as the Road Traffic Law, drunkenness, drug use, unauthorized extension of stay, driving by a person other than the renter or the driver who has agreed to rent the car, sublease, unlicensed driving, reckless driving, using the rental car in violation of public order and morals, settling without our consent, etc.

Cases that fall under the exclusion of liability under the terms and conditions of the insurance policy or the compensation system, or are excluded from payment, etc.

Damage caused by intentional acts, alcohol or drug use, incidental expenses such as towing charges in the event of total loss of the vehicle, flat tire or tire damage, loss of wheel caps, etc. In addition, damage caused to property owned, used or controlled by the customer (lessee or driver).

In the event of fault in use or management
Damage caused by parking the car with the keys on and theft, damage resulting from nuisance parking, etc., stains or odors from interior equipment, loss of equipment, damage caused by improper handling and installation of chains and carriers, damage caused by driving off roads such as beaches and riverbeds, etc.

Always close the awning when it rains, when it is windy, when sleeping, or when away from the car for long periods of time.
Please handle awnings with care.

Even if you are a CDW subscriber, if you do not follow the precautions strictly and damage the equipment, your vehicle insurance will not cover the damage.
There are some facilities that are not covered by vehicle insurance. (We will investigate after the incident).
Please be aware that some equipment should not be used due to weather or environmental conditions, so please operate the equipment with caution and after thoroughly checking how to use it.