Comprehensive Automobile Insurance

Our insurance is covered by general automobile insurance.

Person-to-person compensation Unlimited per person (including amounts covered by automobile liability insurance)
Object Unlimited per accident
Passenger insurance 30 million yen per person
Vehicle warranty Vehicle market value (deductible 100,000 yen)

Insurance fees are included in the basic rate.

Collision Damage Waiver(CDW)

If you join the Vehicle and Object Accident Compensation System (CDW), you will be exempt from paying the deductible for accidents covered by insurance. It is optional to subscribe, but repair of the camper van is expensive, so we recommend that you join in case of an accident.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) 2,500JPY/day

* Non-operation charge will be charged separately.

Road service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Responding to accident communication

Accident Reception Center

Depending on the content of the accident that the customer is negligent, such as battery up, puncture (spare tire replacement), locking, gas exhaustion, etc., the cost of using the load service and the cost of repair and replacement will be charged.

If an accident occurs

Move to a safe place and turn off the engine, prioritize life first.

If there are any people who are ed, ask for a rescue ambulance.

Move the accident vehicle to a safe place to prevent a subsequent accident.

Contact the police (if you do not report to the police, you will not be covered by compensation.)

The other party of the accident, confirmation of the witness.

Contact the Accident Response Center 0120-416-854

Contact sales office 03-6417-0771 (reception hours 10:00-18:00) Contact the sales office the next morning outside business hours

About the burden of the customer in the event of an accident

indispensability Non-operational charge
In some cases Actual expenses not covered by forwarding expenses and insurance

About non-operation charge

In the event that an accident, theft, breakdown, dirt, etc. occurs that does not concern our store’ s responsibility and repairs, cleaning, etc. of the vehicle is required, regardless of the extent of the damage or the period of repair, and even if there is no fault of the customer, we will bear the burden on the customer as part of the business compensation for that period.

If you run on your own and return it to the place you plan to return (if the repair period is within one month) 100,000JPY
If you run on your own and return it to the place you plan to return (if the repair period is 1 month or more) 200,000JPY
If you cannot run on your own and are not returned to the place you plan to return 300,000JPY

Beware of vandalism on the car

If there is a notification to the police, the compensation system will be applied.
Please note that theft is not covered by compensation and we cannot compensate you at all.

About the loss of the key

We do not provide travel services or road rescue services for Spearkey.
In case of loss, you will be asked to come to the sales office to get the key yourself.
In addition, a separate key loss fee will be incurred.

Not applicable even if you subscribe to the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Beware of fuel refueling errors!
The cost of repair (including cleaning) is the full actual cost.

It may not be covered according to the regulations of the insurance company. In that case, the full amount will be borne by the contractor.



  • 事故の大小にかわらず当社への連絡がない
  • 約款に違反している場合